Sound and Energy healing — blending the ancient with modern science for everyday miracles





The Song & Spirit Center

Our Philosophy


Our center was created to help you bring your body and life back to its ultimate potential through intentional Sound, Light and Color. We teach you how to heal yourself through sound.


  • Radiant physical health for passionate living in all areas
  • Recovery and relief from chronic and life-threatening health patterns
  • Spiritual awakening and ascension, a direct “Connect”

Our approach is radically different, but new approaches are required for what is to be created for change. We will support you through your own self-transformation.


If you are ready to co-create your most perfect self, we can support you. Modern medicine often overlooks the obvious; our emotions, feelings and habits create our disease patterns. Pills cannot unlock the matrixes of a missed life purpose, failed relationships, self-defeating thought patterns. Sound can. Intentional therapeutic sound can unwind the screws that hold together the illusion that we are illness, that we are separate from the source of all there is, or that we cannot love and live passionately.


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Our work combines:


  • -Computerized programs to measure and identify vibrational imbalances in your body
  • -Sacred invocation and shamanic healing with personal and group sound healings
  • -Mystery School teachings on how numbers, codes, geometry work for healing
  • -Group Healing Circles and sessions for support and healing


Our Programs


- Personal Voice Bio Consultation and Healing Sound Journey

- Sound Light and Color Chamber Bath, a profound tune up


Thursday Evening Sound Circles 7-9pm


We discuss our daily concerns, our connection to source, the new world and how to co-create the new reality together ...using sound, intention, visualization; deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and ultimately "hopeful" and always different. $22 donation


Sound Healing Workshops with Jan Cercone and Guests


Sound and Energy Healing instruction with leaders in the field Universal song workshops, How Sound Heals and Sonic tools. The Sacred Voice, Divine initiations with Jan


Group Sound Healing Journeys Here at the Center and at Your Place


Come lie down on pillows in our large room and receive a bath of sacred sounds with bells, gongs, bowls and voice, the sounds penetrate and heal the body and soul. Bring a head pillow, mat for comfort, or we have chairs to sit in. Two hours. Jan Often goes out into the community to provide journeys to groups, churches with other sound healers. Call to schedule.


Find Your Own Voice and “Let Passion Heal You Workshops”


Re-igniting our life passion, soul purpose and waking up to ourselves fully, check calendar for listings.


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