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Voice Release...Gives You Your Voice, Soul and Passion Back


Your voice is your profile, energetically. Through the sound stream infused with spirit we tone together and I "lock" on the hologram of your frequency profile. You simply open your mouth and sing a vowel sound. Sustaining the vowel sound, we entrain and then the magic begins. Asking the archangels to assist with the inner shifts I carefully feel and allow the harmonics to phase shift to unlock old patterns. The actual holding pattern shifts in the area of your body that is ready to let go. It feels ecstatic, expansive and it's so simple. Sitting face to face we go through a round of sounds and often there is a "lifting" off sensation of long held muscular and inward tensions. The healing stays and continues to unfold for days afterwards.


Sound Healing Sessions

shift and move the soul from struggle into joy


My sound healing sessions are a new, unique approach…incorporating sound and vocal work to help balance the body and energies. Let the passion return to your life through sound.


Your body is a magical matrix of frequencies, electo-magnetic relationships, that strive towards balance, wholeness and wellness. By using sound in a very relaxed, healing way we will restore and rejuvenate the energy system that fuels your life forces. Acting as tuning forks, aligning with the greater grid of cosmic energies, we can amplify, activate and strengthen our inner and outer core of available energies. This is our “juice” or what fuels our life forces. We can live more joyfully and exuberantly when we have our energy source available and replenished, having “lifted” off the denser frequencies of anxiety, grief and depression.


The goal is greater “self attunement” and harmony within our physiological and mental systems. Beyond this, we can access and enter the realms of divine light and bliss, leading to consciousness and spiritual expansion. Your life takes on menaing, authenticity and vitality once again. We can co-design a program of sound healing sessions that could include……


The Voice Bio



…..Is a voice activated computer program that plots the frequencies of your entire body. This information is valuable because it correlates to your health state and we can actually “sound” the body back into balance with this knowledge. See your own bodily energy plotted and see how your life choices create or discreate these patterns. Simple.




Watch the Voice Bio & Sound Journey Video





Personal Sound Journeys


…..Personal Activation and Initiation to your own divine blueprint of perfection
Time to receive and relax. You lie down on a soft lambskin bed and passively receive a bath of naturally tuned gongs, bells and crystal bowls for 35 min. Using the Voice bio analysis as one guide, I zero in on the instruments and frequencies that will most naturally re-align your circuitry. You might even fall asleep. I intuitively “entrain” with the stuck matrixes and allow the vibrations to unleash and dissolve the emotions of grief, anger, sadness and fear. It is a true journey where we shamanically access your multi-dimensional self, ancestors and spiritual guides to support this profound healing process. The most important aspect of this treatment is that I follow three distinct steps:


  • 1. Setting Sacred space- we create a protective, beautiful environment for the healing and we state this out loud.

  • 2. We invoke the healing presence of light beings….you choose which face of God to ask to be present; ascended masters, angels, Mother Mary, or? By aligning with these higher archetype energies we compound the healing synergy

  • 3. We make an intention for healing which is specific.




“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan Cercone. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. Her use of the crystal bowl is so healing, I cannot get enough of it. I feel it deep inside of myself so much that it brings tears of joy to my eyes. The sound bath was beyond what words can express. I was re-born and filled with rapture, peace, and delight. I did not want the state of blessedness to end.” Pat RN



Within our beautiful temple like setting I have the full perfectly tuned set of crystal bowls, Pythagorean Anthroposophical gongs, drums, Gaertner lyre, and Chao gong. But it is my voice that is most active, as an etheric sword to reweave and heal and recalibrate your energy field guided by spirit. Divine Mother transmissions are delivered and your body remembers, heals and activates naturally and easily. It’s spirit at work.




Voice Bios and Sound Journeys can be taken separately or alone. 90 minute program can be scheduled at 707-206-5068


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