Meet Jan Cercone Music is divine medicine. It is the ultimate empowerment to truly sound our hearts truth through sound, words, and music. As a registered nurse, and professional singer, I...

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Sound and Energy healing — blending the ancient with modern science for everyday miracles

Sound Healing Sessions

Your body is a magical matrix of frequencies, electo-magnetic relationships, that strive towards balance...

Healing with the Voice with Jan Cercone

Intentional healing with the voice, toning, chanting, working with iInstruments, aligning with Source sonically.

Let Passion Heal You Workshops

Re-igniting our life passion, soul purpose and waking up to ourselves fully

Group Sound Healing Journeys

Receive a bath of sacred sounds with bells, gongs, bowls and voice, the sounds penetrate and heal the body and soul.

Meet Jan Cercone

"My goal is to re-harmonize the fabric of the earth grid so we can all go home together with grace and ease"

Read the "Passion Healed Me" Blog

This is a journal based on a three-year odyssey of expansion and ascension through music, sound and love.

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