personnal healing sessions

				personnal healing sessions


"Ayeh SaRa"


Natural lighting, Sacred geometry, Color Baths, Intentional Sound delivered in a relaxed beautiful setting.


Be immersed in a world of healing sound, specially adjusted for your own frequency profile.


The Ultimate Stress Release


Relief from Pain and Fear


Activation of your Light Body



First, we identify where your body is out of balance and make a treatment plan. You then sit in the chamber and receive a color bath of pure color dialed in. Natural sunlight through a solar tube is diffused down through special geometries and crystals and bathes your entire body… going home.


Basic Treatment Package: Three Appointments


  • 1 -Initial intake and testing of frequency field through the Voice Bio 30 minute Session in chamber

  • 2-Deep immersion experience of Sound Light and Color

  • 3- Re-Balancing and Menu Options of Sound Applications, Solfeggio, Chakra, Kaballah notes Menu of scientifically created tone sequences for ascension, spiritual activation, relaxation and tuning of the body


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