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Music is divine medicine. It is the ultimate empowerment to truly sound our hearts truth through sounds, words, and music.

As a registered nurse and professional singer, I have been sharing the innate healing and transformative qualities of music with groups and individuals for over 25 years. I work with sacred divine energies and transmissions that uplift and heal.

Group sounds journeys are joyful and powerful, and personal initiations and activations are profound. Personal sounds journeys combine angelic and intuitive healing methodologies. My goal is to re-harmonize the fabric of the earth grid so we can all go home together with grace and ease. Lets begin!

About Jan

Vocal, Sound Healing Educator and Gifted Healer

Jan Cercone, offers guidance through intentional sound and the voice to assist you to find your way back home to the frequency of “source’…. to bring your entire being back to it’s highest vibratory state. It’s a combination of science, spirit and sound and she has created unique, inspired ways to teach, heal and facilitate in her multi-faceted practice. She has gifted command of the divine energies and can teach you how to harness yours.


Certified in teaching the Werbeck Spiritual Scientific Method of singing, (anthroposophical in origin) she can work with your voice therapeutically and artistically, in any style. As an RN and Certified Music Practitioner she offers healing sessions using her own pure voice and works with your voice to clear and harmonize all bodily systems. Her body, and yours become tuning forks for attunement, we bring light through together in joy, with tone, bowls and gongs. Your spiritual path is ignited. She was on the Music Care team at Palm Drive Hospital, worked with Hospice clients for six years, teaches at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in SF, provides workshops/inservices/clinics for medical staff on how to use music in health care settings. As a professional singer in SF and Sonoma County, she has recorded and worked with mainstream and visionary sound healers. Jan has taken intensives with sound healing leaders and is an Avatar master, holds a masters degree, a Public Health Nursing certificate, level three of the Person Centered Expressive Therapy Training, and has written an inspirational book, "Passion Healed me " and is an ordained Planetary Priestess. She produces visionary, educational events and is co-founder of the Sound Collective of Sonoma County, Founder of the Song and Spirit center and gives courses internationally on the healing power of sound through the voice.


Jan is an improvisational vocalist, bringing heaven to earth in world-wide ceremony, concerts, opening events and deep shamanic ritual. Jan believes we are co-creating a new vision for earth….with intentional sound at the forefront of the transition for personal and planetary healing and ascension. Her channeled sung “light language” holds messages of peace and remembrance for each person’s unique journey.



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