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As Above, So Below, CD

As Above, So Below is an initiation to the Divine Feminine. Sweet, flowing singing with gentle chimes, harp and rich bazantar. Improvised with ancient tunings by renowned specialist Randy Masters. Our collaborative CD is an activating Journey….each song has a unique transmission when listened to quietly in Succession. The Songs were determined by spirit and have encoded ascension frequencies. Far beyond the entertainment realm, this CD is meant to be used as a tool to “ground” the above to below, the masculine to the feminine for personal and planetary advancement. Listen to sound samples and buy this CD....


As Above, So Below CD

Song Thru Spirit, CD

This demonstrates on just how the female can use her voice to create. All improvised in the moment, it is full of light language of the galactic realms, a guided visualization, forming tones to create in space and time.

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Song Through Spirit CD

Passion Healed Me - Finding my own Voice at Midlife

Jan’s Book, “Passion Healed Me” outlines the her experience of awakening to the Divine light and Sound Healing over a three year journal. Expansive, exciting, and inspiring, her book is personal and universal at the same time. Comes with a cd.

Ordering: Send check for $24 to Song and Spirit Center 52 Scenic Rd, Fairfax Ca 94930 with your address and we will mail a copy right out to you.

Passion Healed Me

Black Hole Chimes

Two three feet by 2” aluminum hanging chimes, they vibrate to a phi ratio that seems to open the human heart, created by Resonant Living. The black hole Frequency is a Bb note. I use them on either side of a client to reduce stress, open the heart and heal.$400 per pair.

Ordering; Call or email:, 707-206-5068.

Black Hole Chimes


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