Music for Joy and Healing

Sound Healing Sessions

shifts and moves the soul from struggle into joy

My sound healing sessions are a new, unique approach…incorporating sound and vocal work to help balance the body and energies…

We are a very complex mix of bio-electrical, emotional, and psychological functioning… by using sound in a very relaxed, healing way we will attempt to restore and rejuvenate the energy system that fuels your life force. Acting as tuning forks, aligning with the greater grid of cosmic energies, we can amplify, activate and strengthen our inner and outer core of available energies. This is our “juice” or what fuels our life forces. We can live more joyfully and exuberantly when we have our energy source available and replenished. 

The goal is greater “self attunement” and harmony within our physiological and mental systems. We can co-design a program of sound healing sessions that could include……

  • A personal  Sound Bath…of resonant gongs, chimes, singing over your body
  • Vocal Work to loosen your throat, and relax your breathing, leading to relaxation and self expression
  • Combinations of chanting, vocal exercises and sounding with pure tone instruments
  • Learning personal energy conservation techniques, Boundary setting, and energy enhancement tools
  • Utilizing the diagnostic Voice Bio system to see where the tonal imbalances are, and apply acoustical sound to correct and balance



“Thank you for the session. It was great & I have been telling others. My tailbone issue left shortly after I left your place. Then within 6 hours I had an infection coming out in my tooth. It left by the next day. So thank you for the inspiration and help with regaining my health. Also thank you for the guidance on using my gifts.” – Mary Sherwin Ceglarski

“Thanks so much for the lovely session the other day. I felt very bathed and nurtured in your space, your feminine energy, your voice and the sounds of all the instruments. I felt more peaceful then I have for quite a while after the session.” – Laura Hays, Therapist

“The holy spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan Cercone.  Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing.  Her use of the crystal bowl is so healing. I cannot get enough of it. I feel it deep inside of myself so much that it brings tears of joy to my eyes. The sound bath was beyond what words can express. I was re-born... filled with rapture, peace and delight a state of blessedness that I did not want to end.” – Pat, RN

“Ms. Cercone’s voice has a wide range and brilliance and enthusiasm.” –  Tom Richardson, Becoming Independent

“Mom smiled with joy when Jan arrived, when she recognized Jan, that she was  coming to sing for her.” – Donna Hawk, daughter of Hospice patient



“The Gartner lyre was developed specifically for bringing pure tones in a ‘free’ manner. It likewise frees the breathing and ‘holding’ patterns of the body.”




“…I know that the family’s willingness to let me into their lives at such a difficult time reinforces the knowing that music is the ultimate healer and the bridge for the living to the beyond.”

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