Jan's New book, Passion Healed Me
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Passion Healed Me

"A Divorce propels Jan into self-discovery and the deepest Mystery of Self discovery...... leading to new roles, Sexual Liberation, Sound Healing and Spirituality at mid-life. The story is personal and universal as we attempt to answer the deepest question of all; who am I? and why am I here? You will love the rambunctious joy and tribulations as she shares with us the day to day path of humorous struggle to make sense of the unknown while walking on the larger path of awakening to the divine light."

Here's a brief synopsis:

Jan Cercone is the mother of three and wife of a prominent orthodontist who is forced to change after 23 years of marriage. She asked her husband, "Imagine yourself in the Napa wine country driving your red Ferrari. Turn your head and look at the woman seated next to you. Is it me?" Her secure life ended when he answered no, and she found her true path as a Sound Healer singer.

At midlife, divorce forces women to examine their years of co-starring in someone else's movie. With time and resources on her side, Jan decided to write her own script through insights from introspection and spiritual deepening. Her journey speaks to the women who ask themselves at midlife, "Who am I, and what is next?"

Jan's magical findings will inspirit and delight, and give loving guidance
to the timid as they embark on their own soul journeys. Her own divorce led to the discovery of her ability to heal with her voice. She shows how awakening your authentic voice transforms the core of the feminine spirit and can heal the body. Her illuminating experience as a modern-day initiate inspires the wave of awakening women to sing their own song while opening up to their bodily and spiritual passion. Her inspirational message is: find your voice, find your life! Ask and receive.

One day while bathing, Jan screamed at the God. "Why can't you deliver love to me? I have chosen a man and he's not here. It's not fair and I am not getting out of this bath until YOU answer me." He did. God answered, "You must love all people as you love this man." Protesting, willful, resistant, she fought until she opened her heart and subtle miracles began. Jan makes miracles seem possible, accessible, and even natural for the reader. Her singing started to focus on healing as she worked with Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene archetype energies. She teaches us that we do not have to sing, only speak from our authentic self to create our own perfect world.

Guides and visions fill Jan's journals and the reader is invited to travel along
the universal path of discovering the Divine. She encourages women to take the path of enlightenment as she did. How her body experienced the Light appears as extraordinary, yet within the reach of everyone. She teaches readers to create their own love story, while the core of her journey holds a love story of cosmic epic proportions with a Mystery School teacher.

Part of Jan's practice is her work with a program called Voice BioAnalysis
to show how health can be re-balanced by song. Diagnosis and treatment are within the voice, the key is frequencies. She uses frequencies for igniting the body and ultimately, balancing the masculine and feminine to allow for a crucifixion of time and space. This is known as the healing miracle zone and she shares stories of profound healing.

For readers concerned about spiritual awakening,
Jan give us a torch of illumination. She is a confident, resourceful, informed, and reassuring voice as we explore this new territory and claim our true identities as divine beings of love and Light. Passion Healed Me takes the reader with Jan as she finds the healing power of her voice and body, which is the Holy Grail itself. Her search is fresh and painful, and real. 


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